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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Retiring in Pittsburgh, PA

If you live in the Pittsburgh area or you’ve visited here, you understand what people mean when they say the city blends the best of small-town friendliness with the benefits of big-city living.

That welcoming atmosphere is also what makes the Steel City an attractive retirement destination. It offers all the three C’s – culture, cuisine and cost of living – in great supply. In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why retiring in Pittsburgh, PA, is a great choice.

#1 – Comfortable Cost of Living

For starters, retiring in Pittsburgh, PA, is a smart financial move. The city, along with the entire Keystone State, offers some notably tax-friendly advantages for retirees. Most retirement income – including Social Security income and payments from retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs – are tax-exempt. Pension income is also exempt from taxes, and when it comes to taxable purchases, from groceries to golf clubs, the state’s average total sales tax rate is among the 20 lowest in the country.

Welcome sign at the Pittsburgh Zoo

#2 “Don’t Miss” Attractions

In addition to being kind to your bottom line, retiring in Pittsburgh, PA, presents a world of opportunities to explore, experience and grow. You’ve earned your freedom and your free time, and the metro area is a place where you can make the most of both!

  • Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium – These two attractions are definitely not a “one and done” experience. With 77 acres to explore, you’ll want to visit the zoo and aquarium regularly to browse beautiful, well-designed exhibits that foster understanding, respect and appreciation of wildlife. It’s a wonderful experience for both adults and children – perfect for a day adventure with the grandkids.
  • State Parks – If you love the great outdoors, rest assured, Pittsburgh has plenty of wonderful state parks and municipal parks to enjoy close to home. Whether you’re into boating, hiking, biking, kayaking and even camping, getting your fill of fun will be less than a half hour’s drive.
  • Carnegie Museum of Art – Known as “the first contemporary art museum in the country,” Carnegie Museum of Art likes to refer to its collection as the “Old Masters of tomorrow.” It’s one of the Pittsburgh region’s finest examples of culture and is beloved not only for its 30,000 art objects, but also for its superb interactive programming that allows patrons to engage with the collection. Very cool.
  • The Andy Warhol Museum – Artist Andy Warhol hails  from Pittsburgh, PA, and The Andy Warhol Museum celebrates his career with the world’s largest collection of his artworks. In fact, it’s one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums anywhere. Whether you’re a lover of pop art or not, you can’t help but be mesmerized by Warhol’s bold, colorful pieces.

#3 Marvelous Cuisine

If you’re retiring in Pittsburgh, PA, you have to eat, right? Fortunately, Pittsburgh dining options score high when it comes to variety, quality and downright deliciousness. Pittsburghers (yes, that’s what they’re called) hold certain dishes in particularly high esteem, including pierogis, square-cut pizza, smiley-face cookies, potato patch fries, chipped chopped ham, and pepperoni rolls. But also be sure to put the Strip District on your dining list, where you can enjoy the whole gamut of eateries, from gourmet to diner-style.

Senior man with his caregiver

#4 Excellent Health Care

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – The Pittsburgh region and its residents are fortunate to have the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for health care. It’s one of the top medical facilities in the country and that’s an important benefit for seniors. For over 15 years, UPMC has ranked among the top 20 best hospitals in America according to U.S. News & World Report’s hospital “Honor Roll.” In addition to the flagship hospital, it boasts a total of 40 hospitals in the system, along with 700 clinical locations, including outpatient sites and doctors’ offices. Living in the Steel City, you’ll never be far from superior health care.

#5 Superb Senior Living at Friendship Village of South Hills

The 5th top reason for retiring in Pittsburgh, PA, is having the pleasure of living in a welcoming community with a resort-like feel and a wonderful carefree attitude. That’s the life that awaits you at Friendship Village of South Hills. You can enjoy an active, vibrant lifestyle and reside in a beautiful independent living apartment. And you’ll have peace of mind  knowing you’ve chosen to make your home in a Life Care community that offers higher levels of care if and when your health needs change.

A Great Life Awaits You in Pittsburgh

There’s so much to love about retiring in Pittsburgh, PA, and when you become a resident of Friendship Village of South Hills, all the wonderful experiences the Steel City has to offer will be close at hand. If you’d like to learn more about life in our welcoming community, simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.